General Insurance

General Insurance simply defined is an insurance policy that protects you against losses and / or damages other than those covered under life insurance. The coverage period for most general insurance policies is usually one year and normally premiums are paid on a one-time basis.

The lines of insurance that we work on are :

• Accident & Health

• Aviation Insurance

• Engineering Insurance

• Hull & Energy

• Liability Insurance

• Marine & Energy Insurance

• Miscellaneous / Other Personal Coverages :
o Motor Insurance
o Home Insurance
o Golf Insurance
o Domestic Helper Insurance

• Property Insurance

• Weather Insurance

Aviation insurance is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies are distinctly different from those for other areas of transportation and tend to incorporate aviation terminology, as well as terminology, limits and clauses specific to aviation insurance.

We handle Hull and spares risk as well as liability cover for premises, hangers, fuel storage and airports for rotor wing helicopters, small aircrafts and private fleets.

We work with specialized reinsurance providers for this business enabling us to offer competitive rates to our clients.

Our clients can place customized construction and engineering programs through us for erection and infrastructure projects. The classes include:

  • Contractors All Risks
  • Erection All Risks programs
  • Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP)
  • Delay in Start-Up (DSU)

We place programs for principals, contractors, sub-contractors plant and machinery covers.

We handle construction and engineering solutions on a worldwide basis.

So far we have placed various risks such as physical loss or damage to the contract works & temporary works, and damage to contractors’ plant, equipment, temporary buildings and free issue materials. The coverage also encapsulates third-party liability, damage to surrounding property of the principals arising from the construction works, marine and inland transit and offsite storage and fabrication, among others.

We handle various hull risks including hull and machinery, port risks, conversion and repair risks, towage risks, delay in delivery and war risks. We also place third party liabilities arising from operations, including loss of life and bodily injury, third party property damage, protection and indemnity, war protection, indemnity and towage.

Additionally, programs are specifically available for risks faced in the energy industry. The range of property and exposures placed include crew liability, construction and engineering, drilling and construction units and energy packaging among others.

We structure and place reinsurance programs to cover casualty and professional risks including general liability (commercial and personal), employees’ compensation, professional indemnity, errors & omissions, directors and officers liability, and public and products liability, among others.

We cover liability programs on a worldwide basis.

All classes of cargo reinsurance programs are available to our clients – through sea, land or air, anywhere in the world. Over the years, we have structured customized solutions for our clients utilizing high quality reinsurance security. We have in-depth experience working on various cargo risks and freight reinsurance.

We place various types of cargo including commodities, project cargo, crude oil and products, steel, aluminum and white goods, among others, and all classes of risk including:

  • Damage To Cargo
  • Transit Risks
  • Cargo War And Strikes Risks
  • Marine Advanced Loss Of Profits (ALOP)

We also place combined programs which include one or more of Cargo, Marine War, War on Land, Strikes and Terrorism, Political and other risks. In addition, we place reinsurance for money in transit, gold bullion and diamond cargos.

Travel insurance

As international travel becomes more the norm rather than the exception, there is a need for a complete business travel accident insurance policy with global capabilities. This can be bought on an individual trip basis or an annual travel policy can be bought covering all your trips for the year.

Typical Coverages can include:

  • Business Travel Accident insurance
  • Medical Evacuation and Evacuation
  • Out-of-Country Medical Expenses Insurance
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Identity Theft Services
  • Kidnap and Ransom Benefits
  • Delayed or Damaged Baggage Benefits

Health Insurance

Health insurance provides coverage against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals. This can be bought as an individual medical insurance policy, as a family floater insurance policy or as a Group Medical Insurance Policy as well.

Additionally specific medical coverages such as critical illness insurance policies are also available. Critical illness policies are benefit policies where-in a pre-determined sum insured is paid out in the event of a person buying the policy contracting any ailment / disease from a pre-defined list of major ailments / diseases.

All health insurance policies are typically annual policies necessitating the payment of annual premiums in a lump sum manner.

We facilitate health covers including medical expense exposures, dental care, managed care on either stand-alone basis or integrated with disability covers. Flexible solutions for individual needs or group coverage are also available.

We place reinsurance risks of our clients for various classes of property risks such as property all risks, traditional fire & perils risk, storage and loss of profit risk. We have so far placed covers for a wide range of clients both in heavy industrial and manufacturing industries as well as non-manufacturing business lines. We work with independent reinsurance companies and brokers who specialize in this field and provide access to high rated securities.

(Please note that the objective here is to provide what we can do. In case you are looking for product information, we will be happy to assist you. You can write in to us at with some specifics as to what you are looking for or call us at +852 2801 5100 and we will be happy to assist you.)