• Premier Insurance Brokers Limited

  • Premier Insurance Brokers Limited

Premier Insurance Brokers Limited is a boutique insurance and re-insurance broking firm. We are headquartered in Hong Kong.  Our clients are mainly in the Asian Continent primarily in Hong Kong, India and the countries in the Gulf Region. We place re-insurance business globally.

We have a successful track record with our customers and continue to enjoy long relationships year after year with our clients for their insurance requirements including claims servicing. Through our service offerings and active engagement with all our partners, we have demonstrated an exceptional ability for creative collaboration with our customers.

We provide both life and non-life insurance solutions.

We cover all major classes of insurance and re-insurance businesses, including marine, aviation, property, energy, liability, healthcare and life. We work across a spectrum of industries and have customers in various industry verticals including but not limited to Manufacturing, Chemicals, Exports, Telecom, Oil & Gas etc.

We have the privilege of direct access to a diverse range of underwriters and facilities at Lloyd’s, Asia, Africa and Europe.  We only work with securities rated “A” and above by Standard & Poors and / or A.M.Best.


Direct Insurance

We offer coverage solutions for all major classes of insurance. Our insurance programs are flexible, customizable as well as competitive and they are tailored to cover enterprises ranging from complex marine risks to property and casualty risks to a full range of personal coverage like life, health and employee benefits. Please read through below to find our full range of services

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We work together with our clients to structure, customize and place reinsurance programs for all major classes like – Cargo, Construction, Hull and Energy, Engineering, Liability Affinity Group Risks, Aviation and Property. Over the years, we have worked on a range of programs and have developed global network of re-insurers and brokers with access to high-rated securities. We work primarily with markets rated A- and above by Standard & Poors and / or by A.M.Best. Please read below to know more about our full service range.

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This is a very important process. Claims is actually the insurance product. One of the ways, an insurance company’s service is tested is the clarity and the efficiency with which claims are serviced.

Simple reality of life is accidents happen. Such events are more often than not emotional. Claim process need not be anxious moments if adequate pre-cautions are taken at the time of claims processing. We assist all our clients [...]

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